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look around you, almost everything you see and touch has been shipped.  Manufacturers and shippers spend billions of dollars each year on shipping goods throughout the United States.  Most of these manufacturers and shippers pay way too much.  This is where freight brokers come in.  By customer networking, freight brokers are able to obtain better rates from carriers than shippers are able to get on there own.  We in return offer these cheaper shipping rates to shippers while making a profit.  

I am looking for 48 people. 1 person for each continental state.  You own a territory and solicit shipping companies in that territory.  The potential is unlimited. The more you work the more you make.  The average freight broker makes between $50,000.00 to $500,000.00 per year.  When a shipper ships with you, they continue to ship with you every day, every week, every month and you make money on each shipment.

In order for you to get this going you need the following:
Internet connection
$1500.00 for the manufacturers register for the state you pick to solicit and my time to train you.

You get 30% commission.  I handle everything for you. All you do is bring in the customers.  I train you in my home in Las Vegas and give you information on the company I am an agent for.   I have been in this business for 16 years.  You bring the customers to me and I make sure they stick around and continue to ship.  Once they ship you get an alert and at the end of the week I send you a commission report.   The commissions are paid every 2 weeks and I can wire the money in to your account or you can come and pick it up.   This is not a gimmick, this is a real opportunity.  

If interested give me a call and I will explain further.  


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