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Albuquerque Accident & Injury Center

Albuquerque, NV, United States

Phone: 5052681224
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Our company’s story focuses on our desire to help auto accident victims recover from their injuries as quickly and completely as possible. We want as many people to find out what Dr. Arnold discovered years ago…and that is that most auto collision victims don’t get the right type of treatment. And when that happens they don’t recover quickly or completely. Dr. Arnold’s wife had a car wreck several years before they met and because of her experiences he is dedicated to educating and helping as many car crash victims as he can. That is what Albuquerque Accident & Injury Center is all about, providing effective, proven methods of treatment for total recovery, fast. We’ve helped thousands of collision victims lead more productive and enjoyable lives. Basically, we help people get out of pain, then we help them stay out of pain. In addition, we strive to empower our patients to higher levels of health through knowledge and understanding of lifestyle changes.

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